Can you make $500,000 a Month selling Meal Prep?

An Alpha Trait Case Study

Alpha Trait to the rescue!

Here is how we designed an eCommerce website for a meal-prep service and helped to generate over $500K a month.

The Client:

Meal Prep Sunday San Diego is a meal delivery service that delivers healthy cooked food every Sunday. In July 2016, they reached out to us to help them create an automated website that can sell meals online on a weekly basis. They trusted us with building their platform front-end and back-end, as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The Features:

Meal Prep Sunday San Diego project featured some unique challenges. All of the components needed to have their own flexible web real estate with unique menus, contact info, imagery, social media, contact forms, testimonials, and delivery. Some of the most important points that Meal Prep Sunday San Diego had for us were:

  • Fully responsive e-commerce platform
  • Easy architecture and navigation to ensure the seamless user experience
  • Simple management of orders, meals, and weekly menus
  • Fitness calculator and meal suggestion algorithms
  • Converting checkout process
  • Subscription and automated reorder, payment and notifications
  • Advanced data collection through pixels, notes, delivery, and etc
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization

How much money can you make selling meal prep?

Here we have built a calculator so you can calculate how much you can make per month doing meal prep.

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