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Houston Real Estate Facebook Ad Case Study

A Proven Facebook AD 
For Houston Real Estate Agents

In this case study I’m sharing with you my experience in a Houston real estate Facebook ad. By applying this Facebook ad case study you will definitely generate maximum ROI and leads.

I am not here to tell you how powerful Facebook ads are. I assume you already know since you are reading this real estate Facebook ad case study. So, let’s not waste any more time and dive in!

The Challenge with Houston Real Estate Ad

Agent X called me a few months ago and asked me about a real estate Ad. For some reason, he needed to sell a house quickly. To be honest, I had done a lot of Facebook ads and Google ads for many businesses but not for real estate. I decided to give it a shot and see if I could generate enough leads for Mr. X to sell the house 🏡.  Generating quality leads costs a lot for some industries.

Why Facebook Ad for real state?! 

My primary research on the competitive real estate market led me immediately to Facebook ads being the most effective and quick choice in this case. With no doubt, because of its unique targeting option’s we came up with an ad which did pretty well. Agent X spent a few dollars less than $200 and sold the house less then a week after the open house. I will show you the result before we get into the details.

✔️ Here is what you can take away from this Houston real estate Facebook Ad:

  • Facebook Demographics
  • Detailed Targeting
  • Ad Placements 
  • Ad Copy and Creative
  • & a BONUS 😱

That’s all you need to create a successful Facebook Ad for real estate purposes!

Facebook Demographics

We spent 30 minutes researching the industry. We found out that the majority of house buyers are above 25 years of age and are married. Maybe that’s obvious to you, but keep in mind that was my first real estate ad.

We targeted anyone above 25 in Houston.

Detail Targeting

We based it on the type and price of the house we targeted as well as married couples with over $100K household income 💰; Unfortunately, after all the $hit Facebook went through in the past few months, you aren’t able to target people’s income amount; However, Facebook has an alternative for this gap.

DO NOT CHECK THE EXPAND INTEREST CHECKBOX ☝️ Unless you know what you are doing.

Ad Placement

Facebook recommends advertisers to use all the placements. In my opinion, you should stick with the placements that have proven themselves like the feeds. Here is our ad placement for Mr. X:

*We basically only selected the feeds.

Ad Copy

Here is where I have seen a lot of advertisers that struggle. Keep in mind sugar coating will only hurt your pocket. Be as authentic as possible, keep it real.  Here is the copy we used for Mr. X:

Feel free to copy and paste the text if you want 👇:

Join me this {DAY}, {DATE}, {TIME}, {ADDRESS}. This beautiful, 5 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom home includes hardwood floors, tall ceilings, and a workshop attached out back. Outside, the tall covered patio with room for a TV, surround sound, and grill opens up into a private backyard with plush grass. Click for more property photos and get the ebrochure!

Ad Creative

We used a simple picture for Mr. X; However, we have found a way to lower the CPM by using a slideshow instead of a simple boring picture 📹

Here is how you can make a slideshow on Facebook in less than 1 minute:

Obviously, you can make a better slideshow if you use a tool or spend more time on it. Here are 3 paid tools I have used to make videos for FB ads:

The Bonus

Join 👉 Houston Entrepreneurs Facebook Group for more useful content. Plus, you can ask me any questions you may have about Facebook advertising, automation marketing there. I will be glad to help 😍

Thank you


Soheil Yousefi