Old Website Effects

Old websites can actually hurt your business. Think of it as curb appeal for the modern age, but with higher informational expectations - after all, what other reason is there to visit a business website than to access services or garner more information about those services? Despite the old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover”, we all know that the reality is that people do, and people are looking. According to a study by PEW Research Institute, 78% of consumers research a product or service online before deciding on their purchase.

old website

  1. Outdated Information & Design = Poor Customer Experience.

Your website is an extension of your business - potential consumers visit your website with the sole intention of learning more about your services, philosophies, and how you can be accessed.

If the information provided on your website is hard to find, consumers can take this as a reflection of poor customer service or outright laziness. Outdated information on a website is simply not an option in today’s technology driven world. Your users expect accuracy and ease of access to the information they need.

Serious red flags if your website include incorrect, addresses, phone numbers, and outdated forms, listing providers that are no longer employed with your business, and service listings that are inaccurate.

caring business

  1. Your Business Is Perceived As Complacent

Having an obsolete site can say a lot, for example, "I couldn't care less to accomplish more than the base". It's brutal, however a genuine case of how obsolete sites can affect buyer recognitions. On the off chance that you imagine, even simply having a site is adequate and ignore client encounter, this can make presumptions that the business itself is overseen also by and by.

marketing to millennials

  1. They Are Not Savvy

Yes, any field can be affected by trends and the perception of being hip. If your site is ugly and outdated, chances are the millennial & gen Z demographic (almost half of the US population) see this as an indication that the business is not with the times or understanding of modern business practices.

business freedom

  1. The Business Does Not Think Highly Of Their Self-Worth

People are far more likely to support a business that believes in itself. Business narcissism (without pushing the envelope too far) is key - do you want good things for your business? Do you believe in your message and brand? A beautiful, modern website is a way to prove that you are willing to invest in what is best for your business and believe in putting your best face forward. Getting your staff involved in updating and maintaining the website destroys the impression that you may be apathetic to your external impression.

website responsiveness

  1. No Responsive Code, Not Mobile Friendly

Without a mobile-friendly website, your business is missing out on more than 50% of ALL online traffic. Google is also demoting websites listed in their search results due to this issue which could mean far fewer visitors to your site.

slow unreliable website

  1. Slow and Unreliable

Depending upon the age of the site, older code may be experiencing problems with modern web browsers. If your site loads slowly or frequently experiences issues with uptime, using a free or low-budget hosting solution could also be to blame.

old website problems

  1. You receive a lot of Phone Calls and Questions

Websites are supposed to solve problems, like saving you time and marketing your products & services. If your website is small, outdated, slow or not particularly informative, this often leaves visitors with more questions than answers.

bad website

  1. You’re Embarrassed to Send Customers to Your Site

This situation is actually not that uncommon. Websites can become outdated without the proper maintenance and attention to detail. Design trends also change often so maintaining a contemporary design keeps your appearance professional and polished.

lack of functionality

  1. Stale Content or Lack of Function

Obsolete site substance can be mistaking and baffling for site guests. Web search tools like to see movement and updates occurring inside your site all the time. On the off chance that you need a site overhaul Contact Us for a free no-commitment counsel to talk about your particular business objectives. We assemble sites that take care of issues and enable you to succeed. Try not to give an old site a chance to keep your business down!